Winter Clinics

Winter Clinics

December 1st- March 1st, 2019

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Choice: Students may choose to focus on Development or to incorporate Athletic Training & Competition.

 A. ON a school or Travel Team (HS/MS) and wish to limit your physical training on your Sunday "off-day"? We'll work on advancing your skill levels (shooting,ball-handling, etc.) while limiting the running, contact and competition.

B. Want the training & heated competition? That's available at your discretion. Let's go after it! 

TOTAL FLEXIBILITY to attend any Session 


A. Regular Winter Training affords students the opportunity to maintain a high level of Skill Development throghout your Team Season. In fact, you will make significant IN-SEASON Gains! During your School or Travel Team practices, there is often limited time to work on "your game". Do your work here at "Hoops"! Improve your skills for success with HS & MS Teams while enjoying friendships with your Training Teammates here at "HOOPS"

B. Students enrolled in Winter Program Package (Season Pass) may extend their session time beyond the regular 2 hour session when attendance and court space allows.


Team Training: Certain groups (by age/gender) may have the opportunities for TEAM TRAINING in addition to their skill Development session..more on that later.