About us


HoopsAmerica offers a unique approach to teaching the game of basketball. Under the leadership of Coaches Rich Leary and Tom Flaherty, HoopsAmerica has become a premiere basketball training program in New Jersey and beyond. The success we have had with many current and former players, on and off the court, is a testament to our dedication to helping young people succeed.

HoopsAmerica teaching methods and quality of instructions have been evolving and improving for over 25 years. Our coaches and staff are committed to the idea that learning is a process—a process that is both a challenge and one of life’s great enjoyments. We encourage students to embrace the value of learning and to apply these learning tools to other areas of their lives. We strive to create an environment where students can create friendships while taking on new challenges. Most of all, students will gain valuable instructions on individual basketball skills and develop a love and understanding for the game of basketball.

Our program curriculum is designed to stimulate students of all ages and skill-levels. We offer Fall programs, Winter programs, Spring programs, NJ Demons AAU travel teams, and Summer Camps.

HoopsAmerica is more than basketball. We want players to succeed beyond the courts and become better students, people and citizens. HoopsAmerica will provide the knowledge and tools. All we need are students with a desire and enthusiasm to learn, work hard, and have fun.



"Embracing the Learning Process"

* Instruction of Learning Tools

  • Eye Contact
  • Repeat and Retain
  • Review and Retain
  • On and Off-Line Learning

* Understand

  • Point Zero Moves
  • Point One Moves
  • Defensive Footwork

* Develop

* Strengthen Individuals Skills


"We are 
what we repeatedly do; therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit"


* Cultivate their own discovery

* Master and Create New Skills

* Learn to present New Challenges and Overcome challenges

* Invent and Re-Invent themselves as a player and student

* Learn to strengthen and enhance Communication Skills

* Cultivate Leadership Skills

* Understand the importance of personal growth through creativity, selflessness, athleticism, and positive and productive interaction with coaches and teammates


Team Concepts

* Focus on the dynamics and subtleties of individual play

* Apply individual play in the context of team play in various competitive settings